Sunday, December 20, 2009

Various ways to execute an SSIS package

When we develop a package, we execute it throuh Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS), for testing the package functionality. Once the package is developed and signalled green for a proper intended behavior we deploy it and then scedule it and we are done as a developer. But there are some other ways also apart from BIDS and SQL Agent Job, that can be used to execute a package.
Let's see how many different ways we can execute an SSIS package in:?
1. Using Dtexec utility from command prompt or DOS prompt
2. Using Dtexec utility from powershell or DOS prompt
3. Using DtexecUI also known as Execute Package Utility
4. Using code (C# or VB.Net)
5. Using a batch file and schedult it through Task scheduler
6. Using sp_start_job procedure to execute a sql agent job
7. Using xp_cmdshell to execute a package deployed in MSDB database or from File System
8. Using BIDS
9. Using SQL Agent job

To know how to use all of the aforesaid execution modes, please check my blog


  1. Hi Nitesh,
    Thats a good post. I was thinking of doing the same. However you could just add a line about each method, it would be more helpful.

  2. Sure Sudeep....I would love to add how-to's about all the methods. Appreciate your feedback!!!

  3. Hi Nitesh,
    Could I have ur mail ID so that we can just be in touch.

  4. Sudeep, I have added how-to's about all the execution modes. Thanks again for your feedback